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How To Make Your Car’s Fuel Go Further

Are you aware that your driving style has a direct impact on your fuel consumption? Changing a few habits could actually end up saving you money if you know the best tips to make your fuel last longer.

Don’t accelerate quickly

If you slam your foot down and push your car to get up to top speed, this is a sure way to burn through fuel fast. Sometimes you have no choice but to accelerate rapidly, but in many situations it’s not a problem to increase your speed more gradually, and this is much better when you’re trying to maximise miles per gallon.

Don’t go too fast

Generally you will notice that mileage at low speeds is a lot better than when you’re cruising along the motorway quickly. Adjusting your top speed so it’s a little lower on average will help your car travel further between refuelling stops.

Don’t stop and start

Choose a route that has fewer points where you will have to stop and wait, since this is costly in terms of fuel. Accelerating back to the speed you were travelling at before will always use more fuel than if you hadn’t stopped, because braking and starting up wastes the momentum you had been building up.

Make your car as light and streamlined as possible

Weight and wind resistance have an impact on the amount of fuel required to keep your car moving on the road. Don’t carry around unnecessary weight, especially on the roof of your car. If you don’t need something for a trip, then don’t take it with you. Smaller cars will be more greatly impacted by this difference.

Consider the weather

Driving in hot weather presents two problems: you can either use the air conditioning, which requires more fuel usage, or open the windows to cool down which makes your car less aerodynamic. Cold weather is worse, however, because your engine will struggle to reach its optimum operating temperature. Cold, damp air also takes more fuel to drive through. For that reason, an insulated sheet covering your car can actually save you fuel.